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As relationships and resources grow we are excited about expanding opportunities! We intentionally pursue projects and relationships that are holistic in nature, touching the heart, soul, mind and body of a person. Check out the how we are currently caring for kids in life changing ways…


With your help we have reached our goal of providing 1000 water filters to families and schools!

With an average family size of 5 people per household that’s 5,000 people who now have access to clean drinking water! That’s 5,000 people who have a better chance at life because together we set a goal and made a difference. THANK YOU!

What’s Next?

There are millions of children and families still without access to clean drinking water. Today alone, tens of thousands of children will suffer or die because of preventable water borne disease. We can continue to make a difference! After reaching the goal of 1,000 filters we at Kids Across Cultures have decided to up the ante, so to speak! For the coming 2017 year we are setting a new goal.

10,000 Filters for 10,000 Families

That’s quite a jump from 2016 but we feel that with your help and some really hard work we can make it!

That’s 10,000 filters for 10,000 families providing clean drinking water for 50,0000 people!

When you make a $75.00 donation that’s not just the filter. That covers the cost of getting the filters out to remote villages, training families how to use them and keep them clean, and follow up visits to be sure they are being used correctly and that kids are getting healthy. Now that’s a bargain!

We know we will have to approach this differently. We will need more help and support than ever before. We will need to stretch our thinking, abilities and faith to see this happen! I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be.

We want to encourage you to continue to partner with us to reach this new goal. Without your support, both in purchasing filters and sharing with your friends, clubs, business and churches about KAC and how they too can be a part, we won’t make it.

How can you maximize your support?

You can make a monthly donation by clicking the tab at the top right of our KAC homepage! Yes, you can do a one-time donation, but consider making a one-year commitment of giving monthly, and know you are multiplying your gift by 12.

One friend and partner thought of it this way – he said “I have in my family 6 people; I would want them all to have clean drinking water.” He purchased six filters, one for each member of his family.

Get creative – think not only how many filters you might purchase but how many can you encourage friends and family to purchase? Set your own goal of 10, 20, 100 for the year and see what you can do to make a difference. Send us a note with your goal and we will help and encourage you any way we can to help you reach it.


To make your donation, click here.

Learning English often opens doors to a number of educational and career opportunities for kids who are willing to learn.  Providing classes and conversation partners with native English speakers, is a welcomed opportunity for many of the kids we serve.  Teaching English often is the beginning of new friendships and a broader world view for those willing to share life in this way.Education
Though periodic in nature, the work of hunger relief amongst those we serve can mean the difference between life and death. Generally a problem for the Tarahumara of Mexico, it is our desire to make hunger relief efforts a systematic process done in conjunction with trusted on site partners, in order to assure that food is getting to those who need it most.

As KAC grows, we hope to be able to respond to the needs of countless other children in our world who consistently go hungry.HungerBW

We are always interested in developing small business opportunities that will assist in supporting local children and their families. It is imperative that these enterprises are environmentally sound, culturally appropriate, and benefit indigenous workers in fair and profitable ways. Such business also needs to be conducted in a manner consistent with the values of Kids Across Cultures.

The Hani Coffee Company is an example of a mutually beneficial business model. We are always interested in helping to create sustainable microenterprise business.

If you have an interest in these or other sustainable business models, we would be glad to consider possibilities with you. Contact us.Business