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Where We Work

Though continually evaluating possibilities for new work, we are currently pursuing opportunities to live and love amongst the following people. While we work to create positive change in young lives, we are sensitive to preserve their culture and environment.

Where3The Hani of Southwest China are considered to be the most impoverished of China’s 55 recognized minorities. Though they live simply and often without, they are an inviting people rich in culture. The Hani labor in the terraced rice fields throughout Yunnan’s mountainous countryside. View more photos here …

Where2The Tarahumara of Mexico’s Sierra Madre have resisted oppression and enculturation for hundreds of years. This indigenous Indian people are subsistent farmers, who are known for their ability to run long distances. The treacherous environment that is life in the Copper Canyon, often leaves the Tarahumara child without food, medical care, and educational opportunities.