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Clean Water For Kids!

What We Believe


Our Vision: Hope That Empowers

We want children to believe that change is possible. To be thought of and believed in instills courage. Our desire at KAC is to relate in such a way as to provide hope, so that todayís generation of children will risk living in ways that impact others for good.

Our Purpose: Help That Enables

We don’t want to help change circumstances; we want to help change lives. KAC has no desire to provide services that breed dependence, or offer a quick fix. Aiding children through opportunities for good health, education, and economic development, is viewed as an investment in their future ability to help themselves and others.

Our Values: Friendship That Matters

KAC was birthed out of a strong conviction that every kid counts! Realizing that no organization can meet every need, we place a high value on long term friendship with those we can help. Itís about living and journeying together, not helping and leaving.

Our Passion: Love That Inspires

We are created to love and be loved, yet many of the worldís children are abandoned, enslaved, and forgotten. At KAC we express love through relevant service, and enduring relationship. Love has the power to change the way others see themselves and their world. If nothing else, we desire to love well!